Insulating glass cork pad is mainly used for glass separate the glass pieces. It can avoid glass scratch,mildew and break while packing and shipping.

1: Mainly used: in the process of glass storage and transportation to play an isolation role, adjust the spacing, prevent glass and glass for contact, collision, scratch, breakage and other phenomena, effective protection of glass, make it intact. Protection objects: tempered, hollow, glue, film and bullet proof glass.

2: Product Features: Beautiful, clean, no residue, safe, easy to install, can be easily, long time on the glass, and easy to remove, even after heavy pressure, in the tear does not leave traces, no disability.

3: keep the glass on the surface to keep the glass intact. Because cork has a very good shock-proof effect, easy to use and safe; and non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, no aging phenomenon; can withstand moisture, oil and dilute acid, in the temperature, humidity, pressure and sunlight, air, frost and other external environment changes, no deformation, no deterioration, stable performance.


1.The thickness is 2mm:52000 per box, 18 square meters per box.

2.The thickness is 3mm:38000 per box, 12 square meters per box.

Material Wood
Shelf life 3 years
Thickness 2mm,3mm,4mm
Packaging Carton Package Thickness:2mm 52000pcs/box 18m2/box Thickness:3mm 38000pcs/box 12m2/box
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