OYADE Insulating Glass Butyl Sealant for the primary sealing for insulating glass is an elastomeric sealant for insulating glass that is a single component, has no solvent, does not sulfurize and possesses permanent plasticity. It keeps its plasticity and sealability within a wide temperature range, and its surface does not crack and harden. The butyl rubber sealant has good cohesive property on glass, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel and stainless steel due to its extremely low transmittance of water valor, it can form an excellent anti-damp system with elastic elastomeric sealant.


The surfaces to be bonded must be dry, clean and free from dust and grease. Glass surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned by hand or machine with noni lm forming, low residue etergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean hot water. The butyl rubber sealing shall be applied at a temperature between 120 to 145 degree celsius with butyl hot melt extruder machine, please check with extruder equipment manufacture for optimum equipment settings.

OYADE Butyl Sealant Technical Indicator

Serial NoTest itemsStandard RequirementResults
1Appearanceblack, fine, non-visible grainblack, fine, non-visible grain
2Density g/cm³Soecificed Value+-0.051.26
3Penetration 1/10mm30-50black, fine, non-visible grain25℃30-5038
4Shear strengthShear strength≧10.150.31
UV Tretment 168th ratw of change≦206
5Water Vapor Transmittance g/(㎡.d)≦0.80.18
6Thermal weight loss%≦0.750.26

φ180mm: 7kg/drum, 4drums/carton=28kg/carton;
8kg/drum, 4drums/carton=32kg/carton;
φ160mm: 5kg/drum, 4drums/carton=20kg/carton;
6kg/drum, 4drums/carton=24kg/carton;
Shipping: About 7 work days after receive payment.

Model OYD-803
Diameter 180mm/160mm
Drum 7kg
Weight 28kg
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